How Old Is A Senior JRT?

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The average lifespan of the Jack Russell is 1316 years of age, which is notably higher than the average across the board for all dog breeds of a similar size and build.

These JRT’s are getting to be seniors but that does not mean much to them! They still have an extreme amount of energy and still are loving as ever!

Romeo is 16 and loves to take cozy naps!

This JRT is 18 and his name is Peanut!

Mack a 20 year old JRT says “age is just a number!”

These guys have been buds for 20 years and still going strong!

18 and still begging for some cuddles!

This 15 year old JRT NEEDS to take a nap during the day!

Jesse, a 17 year old JRT, is showing off his new hat!

At 16, he still waits everyday to go for a walk!

Such a sweet face from a 17 year old JRT!

This JRT is 15 and loves to sun bathe!

This 18 year old JRT looks like he never aged a bit!

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