How To Stop Your Dog From Pulling Their Leash

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Leash pulling is a common struggle for dog owners, especially when they own strong dogs like a JRT. It can lead to some serious problems for your dogs health and causes a lot of frustration. Here are some tips to keep your pup from pulling and give you peace of mind!

Start Training Early

Starting your dogs training as soon as you get them is always a good idea, especially if you have a strong or assertive breed, and want them to be able to follow commands while walking and not pull on their leash. When walking, also, start with a short, familiar route. You can continue the same time length walk, but this way you dog has fewer distractions and more focus on what you want them to learn.

Chose The Right Accessories

The leash and collar combination that you use can be important when it comes to solving a pulling issue. Harnesses are much more effective because they pull your dog from their chest rather than from their neck, and you don’t hurt them.

Pulling Doesn’t Beat Pulling!

Most owners first instinct when their dog pulls their leash is to pull back, however it usually have the reverse effect of what the owners expect. Instead of pulling back, say your dogs name and get their attention and come to a stop. Continue when there is slack on the leash so they know that pulling means stopping and, after some more practice, will stop the behavior.

Reward Positive Behavior

If your dog starts to progress, don’t forget to reward their good behavior! Small treats, some love, or a little bit of play are great rewards for when they stop pulling and be understanding when they don’t get it!

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