Jack Russell Terriers And Their Best Selfie Moments

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Most people have heard about selfies. In todays society, they have become very common. You can go to a store and find someone, whether it be a teenage girl, little boy, or even parents, snapping a picture of themselves to either post online or to send to a friend. But did you know our JRT friends like to take selfies too? We didn’t know it either, until we saw these adorable pictures!

So why don’t you kick back and relax, and enjoy these adorable pups taking the cutest selfies!



“They told me we were leaving 5 minutes ago, yet 6 minutes later, I’m still here!”


Murray taking the perfect side profile pic!


“They told me to go inside, but I’d rather stay out here and snap a pic!”


“Don’t my teeth look so white!”


What’s a selfie without the perfect filter?


Mailo being an absolute angel!


The Friday night bored selfie is captured perfectly by this cutie!


Riley showing us the sweetest smile!


“Today was a good day! My smile says it all!”


What a cutie!


“Snapping a quick pic before mommy walks in!”


Best buds!


“Just woke up from my nap, feeling pretty cute!”


Sparky taking the sweetest of selfies!


How can one be so cute?!




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