Jack Russell Terriers With Beautiful Markings

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Spots, dots and hearts!!  Here we have a collection of our most loved and unique looking JRT’s.  These little darlings come in all shapes and sizes.  We love them all!




“Do I look cute in the tub?”


Do you see Zelda’s heart?


A perfect dot!


Tinker’s sweet face at 3 months old.


Here is Ted.


Luna we love your ears and freckles!


“Press my spot and I will give you a kiss.”

Here is Bosse with the distinguished look.


“People say I have a special blue eye.”


Zowie’s eyes are intriguing!


“With these good looks, I usually get what I want.”

“Guess what my name is?  It’s freckles.”


Look who’s hard at work.


Bella from Holland stands out in a crowd.


Cooper, we love your face!



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