JRT’s And Their Boundless Energy

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One of our favorite things about JRT’s is that they just have so much energy. They seem to always be on the go, and we just love that about them. But we also love how these furry friends always seem to have something in their mouth…whether it be just a toy, or even sticks that they have found outside.

Take a look for yourself and enjoy…we sure did!


“No mom, this stick is NOT too big for me!”


Aiko is enjoying his time outside with his new favorite toy…a stick!


“Look at what I found in the water! Isn’t it so cool?!”


“Look! We are sharing!”


“What’s the big deal? You have another shoe inside!”


Alice enjoying her favorite toy!


Carli says “Hi!”


Tillie being such a good pup!


This cuties toy is almost as big as his precious face!


Sweet pea Sophie and her toy shark!


Max is too cute to handle!


“Can we please go play? Please please please?!”


“Mom get off the phone and let’s go outside!”


“No I am not sharing my toy!s”


“What do you mean I have to leave my toy at home?”


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