JRTs Stuck Like Glue To Their Owners!

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Have you ever debated renaming your dog Velcro?? This one is for you!

Check out these adorable JRTs who are stuck to their owners just like glue!

“This is Tank Maximus. I’m trying to make the bed!”

Can’t go to bed without me!!

Always by my feet…

Can’t get any work done with a JRT by your side!

“I noticed you weren’t petting me…”

“Yup, all the time, Nina loves to be with my wife all day long… and all night long! 😂”

They sit on you so quickly!!

“This is Millie watching me having my breakfast!!”

“This is where my Jaffy spends every waking moment!”

“He always has to sit on my lap and sleep touching me!”

“Whatcha doin!?”

Snickers doesn’t ever wanna leave his humans’ side!

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