Top Reasons To Leash Your Dog

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It is recommended to always keep your dog on a leash when around others and in public places. Here are the top reasons why you should do just that!

Our Neighbors

Some people have fears of dogs or just don’t like them. To respect others around you and avoid your dog scaring them or provoking them, keep your pup on a leash!

Your Dogs Safety

Keeping your dog on a leash in a busy area or place with high traffic is key for their safety. If they happen to run off while you’re not looking, they could get lost, hit by a car, or taken. If they are on a leash they are much less likely to leave your side!

The Environment

If your dog is off a leash it’s possible you won’t see if they relieve themselves somewhere they’re not supposed to. You also may not be aware of a mess that needs cleaning up. Keep your surroundings clean, and others happy, by leashing your pup!

Other Pups

While you may feel confident in your dogs behavior, you don’t know other dogs. Some dogs scare easily or may act aggressive toward other dogs. To respect the other pups and avoid a possible fight, keep your pup on a leash!

Local Laws

Each state has it’s own laws about having your dog on a leash. The laws are usually on the local level – meaning small areas like towns or cities decide their own. The laws usually are not that strict except during special cases like rabies outbreaks or in some wildlife areas. Learn your local areas laws to ensure your dogs safety!

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