Head to Toe: Your Best Dressed Jack

a Jack Russell terrier in a Santa hat

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Nature makes dogs with pretty much everything they need for their environment: fur coats to protect them from harsh weather, tough toe pads to protect their feet. But sometimes the weather can be a little extreme. And sometimes, when you take a dog out of the environment they’re built for, they can use a little extra help.

Also, sometimes we just want to have a bit of fun.

Do you like to dress up your Jack? What are his or her favorite clothes?


Most of the time the thick pads on your dog’s feet are enough to protect them from the hazards they may encounter. But some surfaces may require a bit more. Fortunately, there are a variety of dog shoes for a variety of different circumstances. They may take a bit of getting used to, but ultimately, the protection will be worth it.

Heat-protective shoes

How hot is that pavement? How hot is that sand? A lot hotter than you might think. 

In fact, it can be between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the air temperature. And that can harm anyone’s tootsies quicker than you might imagine.

And how hot is too hot?

Well, with a pavement temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit (51.6 degrees Celsius), serious skin damage can occur.

Hot-weather protective shoes have thick soles. Most are lightweight and have uppers made from breathable fabrics or mesh.

Consider heat-protective shoes for summer safety or when you’re going to the beach on a particularly sunny day.

Cold-protective shoes

Cold can hurt sensitive tootsies, too. Good thing there are shoes for that! So, what makes a great cold-weather shoe?

First, you’ll need thick soles with robust tread. The soles will protect your dog’s feet from snow, but also from the salt that some communities use to de-ice the sidewalks. The tread will help keep your dog from slipping on any remaining ice.

Also, cold-weather shoes should be waterproof. This will protect sensitive paws from both rain and snow.

“Ruff” surfaces

No matter what the temperature, some surfaces are going to be “ruff” on paws. Think sharp rocks or pebbly surfaces. You wouldn’t forget your own hiking boots, so give your pup the same consideration. A good, solid pair of shoes with thick soles will keep your doggo’s tootsies safe.


The double coat of a wire-haired Jack can protect them from rain. And every dog’s fur coat can keep them from chill. But sometimes the weather can sneak up on you. And sometimes your dog might need something more.

And sometimes a girl (or boy!) just wants to dress up a bit.

For warmth

To shake off a chill, consider a snappy sweater or light jacket. You can find them in many different weights and fabrics, including knits, thermals, fleeces, and waterproofs. 

And if you have a little time and a few basic supplies, you can even make your own! And if you really want something unique, you can hit the thrift stores and find sweaters, jackets, or shirts to pupcycle into new garments for your Jack.

For fashion

Of course, you don’t have to wait for bad weather to spruce up your Jack. If your pup is a fashion plate, a kicky jacket with a matching harness and leash can be a great way to show it!

Want some ideas? Check out the pups in this rogue’s gallery. Or how about these fashion plate Jacks?


Glasses for dogs? Surprise! It’s a thing. And it’s not just for fashion.

Jack Russells are prone to a number of different eye conditions, including primary lens luxation and cataracts. And different kinds of glasses can protect, and even help.

Purpose-made dog sunglasses can also protect your dog’s eyes from UV damage, as well as flying debris. This can be especially important if your dog likes to ride with you on your motorcycle or bike.

And yes, there are even doggy corrective lenses. They’re made by a company called Doggles, and can correct nearsightedness and farsightedness in pets.

But if your dog just wants to rock some shades, there are plenty of fashion specs on the market, too!

Just for Fun and Fashion

What if the weather’s great, but you and your pup just want to have some fun? Great news! There’s plenty of doggo fashion to go around!


They’re not just for Halloween, you know. If your dog is a Wonder Dog or a Little Ninja, they can rock their costume any time of year. Check out this gallery for ideas. Or maybe this one!


Unless your dog is going out on a motorcycle, chances are, they won’t need a protective hat.

But hats are fun for fashion, too! Whether it’s a party hat or an easygoing straw topper like this one.


It’s a well-known fact that those bandanas dogs wear to rescue and shelter events really do make a difference in how quickly they’re adopted.

Are you surprised?

Bandanas and other neckwear are strictly for fashion and fun. But what’s wrong with that?

You can find bandanas and neckties for sale at pet stores everywhere. However, it’s not difficult to make your own, even if you don’t have a sewing machine.

You can buy new fabric, hit the thrift stores for something funky and unique, or even repurpose one of your own favorite shirts that’s a bit past its sell-by date.

Here’s an idea: how about matching bandanas for you and your Jack?

Clothes Make the…Jack?

They say clothes make the man — or woman. They also make the dog — whether you’re looking for protection from the elements, or just fashion and fun.

Featured Image: CC BY-SA 2.0 by Javcon 117* via Flickr.

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