5 Things to do With Your Jack This Fabulous Fall

a Jack Russell from the side, facing right, in a forest

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Fall is here, with all its unique pleasures. Whether that means dramatically changing leaves, or simply Nature turning down the burners where you live, the change in seasons brings good tidings.

It also brings a whole set of activities for you and your Jack to do together. What are your favorite fall activities? Here are some of ours.

Jump in a Pile of Leaves

Did you ever rake up a pile of dry, crunchy leaves, just to jump into the pile? Did you ever wish you could?

Well, guess what? A lot of dogs think that sort of thing is just as much fun as we do! And if you don’t mind raking and re-raking, this can be a great way to spend an hour or two this fall.

You can mix it up by burying toys, bones, and treats in the leaves. You can also throw a ball or a stick into the leaf pile. And, if you’re feeling frisky yourself, why not take your own turn?


Hit the Trail

Fall is the perfect time for hiking and camping. This is especially true if you live in a place where it’s too hot to do so in the summer.

Hiking with your Jack

A Jack Russell’s relentless energy makes this breed a natural for hiking. And you’re in luck! Many places have hiking trails nearby, even in large cities.

Hiking is a great way to spend time communing with your dog, and with nature. It’s also a very effective way to burn off some of that famous Jack Russell energy.

So, if you want to do some fall hiking, where do you start?

Find your trails

First, find a dog-friendly trail near you. Not all trails welcome dogs, but a lot of them do. So, how do you find them?

Giving your dog plenty of attention, exercise, and activity can curb behavioral causes.

Time for a safety check!

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to collect your equipment and make sure your safety rules are in place.

First, if your trail requires dogs to be on-leash, make sure you have the right kind of leash and harness.

Next, if you live in rattlesnake country, consider getting your dog the rattlesnake vaccine.

Also, be aware of wildlife dangers in your area, both large and small. Don’t think that because your Jack is a dynamo in a small package that they won’t take off after a large predator.

In fact, a number of wildlife rehabilitation centers pair Jack Russells with their big cats, when their lions, tigers, and cheetahs need a companion. And guess who usually ends up being the dominant partner?

A safe dog is a happy dog, so know before you go.

Dog camping

Do you want to camp out with other dogs and their owners? Then you might try your local dog camp. Dog camps provide a place to explore the great outdoors with your Jack, and to socialize with other dogs and their owners, if you like.

Some dog camps are quite luxurious, with ensuite accommodations and luxury dining. Others offer a more rustic experience. Some have organized activities for you and your dog. And others simply give dogs and their parents a place to relax and explore.

Or maybe you’d rather just pitch a tent with your four-legged family and enjoy the great outdoors that way. Many Jack Russell terriers love a good, old-fashioned campout. And plenty of them love to tag along on all of your campsite adventures, from hiking to boating to fishing, and more.

Just make sure that you prepare adequately for any special traveling needs.

  • Make sure your Jack’s shots are up to date
  • If you’re going by car, make sure your dog is fine with car travel
  • Plan for rest breaks along the way
  • Make a car-safety checklist and acquire any necessary equipment
  • Check ahead to make sure that the places you’ll be staying are dog-friendly

Pumpkin Spice, Baby!

Did you know that pumpkin is a wonderful thing to feed your dog? It’s full of fiber, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. If your pup is having any sort of digestive issues, some cooked pumpkin can help.

Pumpkin is inexpensive and easy to prepare. In fact, it’s one of many fruits and vegetables that you can use to enhance your dog’s healthy diet.

And if that’s not enough, dogs love it, too!

Whether you feed your pup cooked pumpkin all by itself, or incorporate it into your favorite dog-friendly recipe, pumpkin is a seasonal treat that you and your Jack can enjoy together.

What about the spice part?

Be careful, there.

Although the occasional, small amount of cinnamon probably won’t hurt your dog, there haven’t been a lot of studies about its long-term safety or regular use.

Other spices that we associate with autumn, however, can be harmful. Never, for example, give your dog nutmeg, cocoa, or mace.

Organize a Halloween Parade

If you’re like a lot of Jack Russell parents, chances are, you’ve got at least one doggy Halloween costume in your bag of tricks.

And if your dog has regular doggy friends, chances are, they’ll have at least a costume or two hanging around as well.

Why not gather all of your dog’s friends — and yours — together and put on a costume parade to celebrate Autumn?

Don’t have any costumes? Don’t worry! It’s pretty easy to sew clothes for your dog yourself!

Make Goodie Bags and Presents for Shelter Dogs

So many of us are rescue dog parents. Whether your doggo came from a rescue, a shelter, or a breeder, though, we can all agree that the less time a dog spends in a kennel, waiting for a home, the better.

Shelter dogs understandably get bored. And this can make them act up in ways that make potential adopters turn away. But you can help.

I love you…almost as much as I love treats.

Any time is a great time to make toys, beds, and treats for shelter dogs. A lot of crafts are easier than you think — which makes them a natural for youth groups, service work, and just something fun to do with your kids.

So, how do you get started?

First, research Jack Russell (and other dog) charities in your area. Which accept gift donations? And do they have any rules and restrictions?

Next, find out what sort of gifts your target charity is most interested in.

Finally, once you’ve narrowed that down, choose a craft and get started!

It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to make a huge difference in the life of a shelter dog.

Won’t you help today?

Are You Ready for a Fabulous Fall?

Fall is a time of new beginnings. School is starting, temps are dropping, and everyone’s looking ahead to the holidays.

It’s also a great time to do some seasonal activities with your Jack.

So, what are you going to get up to this autumn?

Featured Image: Pixabay License by Coyot, via Pixabay

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